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Native British Wildlife

Image by Scott Walsh


Like any farm on the edge of a city we enjoy a wide range of mammals that visit or live on the farm. Some are more welcome than others

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Image by Rob Pumphrey


The wild birds that can be seen on the farm vary depending on the season and availability of fruit and insects. Make a checklist and see if you can see more than 40.

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Image by Ed van duijn


Frogs, toads and newts do not spend their lives in ponds so you might see them in odd places.

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Explore Our Various Habitats



There are some very old trees on the farm and we have recently planted over 100 new trees to increase biodiversity and mitigate climate change.

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Fields and Hedgerows

The eggs our chickens, ducks and geese lay are used by the cafe in cakes and meals. Surplus eggs are sometimes available to buy

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Image by Dai Phong


There are over five ponds on the farm and more on the way. Ponds can support a huge range of animal, plant and insect life enriching the ecological diversity

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